How To Remove Tough Keloid Scars With Natural Remedies?

Keloid scars are the most difficult ones, which take time to heal. Characteristically raised and reddish scars, keloids develop at the injury site after a surgery or some major accident. Whilst keloids in themselves are not fatal scars, they often become uncomfortably simply because they are unsightly. Whereas medical treatments, such as injection and excision may work for these scars, such treatments can be invasive as well as expensive. So, it is best to resort to the natural remedies, though most of these methods are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet. Therefore, before initiating the treatment, you should count your doctor or dermatologist and proceed.

Natural Remedies – Essential Oils and More

Natural remedies for keloid scars mainly comprise of essential oils, though there are many other ingredients used for the purpose. Here, we will give you some of the tried and tested blends.

best scar removalBlend of Jojoba and Rose Essential Oil with Mustard Seed Oil

An Ayurvedic remedy, this mixture of rose essential oil, mustard seed oil and jojoba oil should be applied only to the keloid scarred regions of the body. However, if you have other scars, you can use it there a well

The ratio of rose essential oil to mustard seed to jojoba oil is 1:1:8. Shake this mixture vigorously so that all these ingredients combine. Now, apply small amount of this oil to affected areas and let it stay for about 15 minutes before you rinse it off with cold water. You can apply a gentle cleanser thereafter.

Coconut Oil, Calendula Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

This is again an Ayurvedic remedy that can help you to get rid of raised keloid scars. To prepare this blend, you need to combine half a teaspoon of calendula and lavender essential oil with 10 teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix variously by shaking to combine. Massage this liquid onto your skin and let it stay for 20 minutes before you rinse it clean with cool water and a mild cleanser. You must repeat this treatment regularly unless there are any signs of adverse reactions or irritation on the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E Oil

It is an organic remedy that can be very effective against raised and bumpy keloid scars. 2 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil should be combined with 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter in a bowl or container. You have to stir this blend to make sure it combines completely. Apply thick layer of this mixture to your scars and leave for 30 minutes. Unless it becomes bothersome don’t rink your skin with soap; it will settle down naturally. You can store the blend in a dark, cool place for 5 days, not any longer.

What Are The Natural Ways And Means To Enhance Breast Growth?

Breast enhancement is one thought that probably comes to mind when you are not totally satisfied with the body. For women, this concern has always prevailed. Especially women with tiny breasts, they always look for a way to enhance the growth of their breasts and have larger and fuller cups. The best and only natural way of enhancing breast is by exercising the chest muscles correctly. Natural augmentation is only about your appearance. Once your physical form is improved, your acquired beauty will strengthen your appearance. People will also start taking notice of you, which you may not have felt. As you start working out for developing your breasts, you will also start displaying a lot of positivity and confidence, which will add to your beauty.  For more update, see

Work on Your Posture

Posture is very important – the way you walk and sit defines the way your body appears. Taking a deep breath, gently light both shoulder back. Avoid jutting your head ahead, as people normally do. That will put a lot of strain on the neck and ruin the benefit of your posture. Keep the head correctly positioned atop the neck, squarely. You will start feeling taller and even walk with confidence so that people take notice. Enhancing Push-Ups

Have you heard about breast-enhancing push-ups? Lying on your stomach, you need to bend the knees while crossing your ankles. Place both the hands on your shoulders, in front, with elbows slightly bent. Now, try to straighten both and arms and you lift the body so as to balance on the knees and palms. Bend both elbows and, bring the body parallel to floor and, try to push up. Avoid touching the chest to the ground.

Pectoral Push-Ups

Lying with face down and toes and elbows on the floor, get ready to perform pectoral push-ups. Raise your body up as you perform this push-up, but make sure your arms, toes and elbows are right on the ground. Hold in this position for about 30 seconds and get back to your position. Repeat 7 times.

Breast Press

Take a weight of 3lb to 5lb in both your hands. Take a chair and sit on its edge, keeping the back straight and arms at both the sides. Slowly, lean forward and then bend the elbows at 90-degree. Keep the palms down. Raise both arms from your shoulder until the elbows reach your shoulder level. Keeping both the hands in front and on each side, hold the potion and count 4, and slowly get back to your start position.

Breast enhancement pills, supplements and creams are all clinically tried and tested. These are known to work well and produce good results. However, most of these contain chemicals and other ingredients that may have long-term side effects.

Which Foods Are Important For Increasing Female Libido?

female libidoMale libido is the only cause of concern, as commonly believed. However, it is equally important to consider female libido, too, which gradually subsides with PMS. Just like male libido depends on hormone, testosterone, female libido is also dependent on the release of this particular hormone. Thus, testosterone production is something integral to overall sexual functions of both men and women.

Testosterone production is dependent on the nutrients we receive from foods. Foods that we consume daily are filled with nutrients. These nutrients are essential for our bodily functions. There are some foods to boost female libido naturally, which you must know to keep the testosterone levels high.

Foods to Eat for Enhanced Female Libido

  • Asparagus: It is all about your hormones; asparagus stimulates the production of testosterone on the body. It contains vitamin E in abundance, which is responsible for promoting female libido. Asparagus is also a good source of thiamin, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamins A and C, and folic acid. It is folic acid that increases the production of female histamine, which is essential for women to help them achieve multiple orgasms.
  • Bananas: Riboflavin, a vitamin B derivate, and potassium is present in bananas, which stimulated testosterone production in the body. Bananas provide plenty of energy too. Bananas are considered a natural aphrodisiac, or sexually-stimulating foods, that also boost fertility in females.
  • Avocadoes: Avocadoes are the newfound superfoods that contain the highest amount of vitamin B6. It helps in increasing testosterone production. Avocadoes are filled with potassium, too, which regulated the functions of thyroid gland in females and enhances the level of female libido.
  • Soy and Soy Products: According to latest research and reports, soy is used to bind estrogen – the female sex hormone – receptors. This is used to increase lubrication in the vagina and entire vaginal area, when engaged in sexual activity that enhances overall sexual energy and experience for females. Soy is also helpful for combating menopausal symptoms, which includes hot flashes.
  • Basil Leaf: Basil is an important food item for stimulating sex drive and increasing female fertility. The aroma of this potent food can also cure mild pains and aches, including headaches. Basil can also improve overall blood circulation in the body. It has a warming effect, which enhances sexual libido in females.

female libido

  • Nuts, Like Almonds: Almonds were considered a sign of fertility in various countries. The flavor and aroma of almonds can arouse sexual desire and libido in females too. Consume almonds regularly for improved health benefits.

What Is Miconazole And How Does It Help With Toenail Fungus?

toenail fungus treatmentToenail fungus, or nail fungus, is a nagging fungal infection that may affect one or many of the nails, especially toenails. Medically, the condition is known as onychomycosis. You can easily recognize toenail fungus at the beginning of an infection. Fungus attacks to form yellow or white spots under the toenails, particular affecting the tips. As soon as the fungus starts spreading into one or more nails, you will see the first sign of discoloration and thickening of nails. Crumbling nail edges and foul odor are also common signs.

It is often very difficult to treat toenail fungus, even though there are many commonly know toenail fungus treatment options already available to people, because there is always a risk of recurring fungal infections, particularly affecting the toenails. Nevertheless, there are certain medications that can actually help to treat even the toughest toenail fungus easily. Miconazole is one of the antifungal drugs, which helps in preventing the growth of fungus in the skin. It may also be useful to treat nail fungus completely.

What is Toenail Fungus?

Before considering toenail fungus treatment, you need to know what is nail fungus and how does it occur?

Nail fungus normally occurs in more than one of the toenails, though it may affect fingernails too. If any of your nail appears brittle, thickened, dull, distorted, and smelly or dull in appearance or color, you probably have fungal infection of the nail. Your toes are likely to become painful, and may even emit a foul odor. You may also notice that the nail is separating from nail bed. If this infection is not treated, it will proliferate indefinitely. This type of infection is generally caused by dermatophytes, a class of fungus.

Interesting trivia – the fungus responsible for causing toenail infection doesn’t require sunlight; it grows in moist and warm places, which includes showers and swimming pools. The fungus could also lead to an infection through any tiny cut in the skin. The fungus could also make its way through a minute separation between the nail and its bed.

toenail fungus treatmentEffective of Miconazole as a Toenail Fungus Treatment

Available over-the-counter, miconazole is a typical antifungal medication, to be applied topically. It is used as a potent treatment for toenail fungus. It is available under several brand names, such as Micatin, Fingoid, Desenex and others. Lab studies have shown that this antifungal topical agent can kill the infection-causing fungus. Although it doesn’t break through the nail adequately to remove the infection completely, repeated treatment helps in preventing recurring infections.

How To Moisturize Your Skin While Treating Acne – Tips For Every Boy And Girl

Acne is a nagging skin condition that, it never comes alone. Even when you are trying to battle your acne and seeking remedial measures, you will experience more and more complications. The growing number of odds associated with acne is often agonizing for the mind. It makes young boys and girls much vulnerable to the world outside. They avoid socializing and being active in life, thus losing out on a number of good things. acne and its symptoms is one of the most difficult tasks. You have to be committed to your goals; there’s no way you can escape your goals. One of the key things to remember is that acne treatment makes your skin dry. However, managing acne as well as moisturizer on oily skin can be extremely tricky and challenging. There are many products that claim to work as an efficient moisturizer for the skin but those products contain certain ingredients that may cause more harm than help.

So, how would you choose a moisturizer that will reduce dryness yet not affect your acne?

Choose Moisturizer That Doesn’t Contain Alcohol and Fragrance

Several studies have shown that over-the-counter moisture lotions are tested and it has been found that these products contain fragrances. Fragrances may irritate the skin. Likewise, benzyl alcohol, a common ingredient in moisturizers, also irritates the skin. These ingredients are, therefore, not conducive for repairing damage caused by acne.

Look for Real Moisturizing Ingredients

Acne medications often change the color of your skin, making it red and peeling. Moisturizers that do not clog the skin pores and further perpetuate the hideous nature that this skin condition should be chosen. However, most of them have mineral oils in them, which prove to be harmful. That is why you must avoid using moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid. This particular ingredient helps to retain moisture into your skin while countering dryness. Best of all, it does not clog pores. a Good Sunscreen

There are specialty sunscreen creams designed for oily and acne-prone skin. You should be very particular about your choice of sunscreen. You should avoid any greasy kind of sunscreen creams or lotions as they may block the pores. However, moisturizing the skin without protecting it adequately from the harmful UV rays of the sun is not an appropriate strategy of healing. You should find a sunscreen with non-comedogenic written on it – it is apt for oily skin and doesn’t clog pores. Sunscreens containing microfine particles are also lighter and they don’t clog the pores.

Important Things To Know About Female Sexual Health And Libido

Although often kept a secret, developing, increasing and maintaining healthy sex drive is a very common and age-old practice. Especially for females, the subject has always been a taboo, though not any longer.

 The general anatomy of female body, age, biological processes and several contributors tend to reduce libido. Some women also believe that potions, herbs, elixirs or some aphrodisiac is needed for increasing libido in females. If you really need some aid to balance the hormones and boost your libido, you need not go very far for help. There are many vitamins, essential foods and healthy lifestyle habits that can stimulate your sexual desire and make you feel sexier.

female libidoFemale Libido Should be Acknowledged

Something that nobody really thought was important, but it is – the female libido. Women’s sexual urge is also necessary. Traditionally, physicians and health care experts only discussed male libido; males were considered the superior sex and their pleasure was of pivotal importance. However, today they know that females are equal participants in pleasure and gain of sexual activities. However, with age and other factors that push female libido below the bar, women lose desire in no time. Finally, acknowledging that female libido is also important has been an achievement in itself. Women often miss their desire for sex when they start realizing that they don’t feel the urge any more.

Female Libido and Health

Female sex drive is a reflection of her environment. There are several medications that can lead to loss of female libido. Spinal injuries and diseases are also responsible. Thus, it is necessary to know your health first and then only the necessary corrective steps can be taken to cure the problem.

Mental Health Matters

Both female and male libido is dictated by the mind. If your mental health is not sound enough, you may have problems with your sexual urge. Women with traumatic sexual experiences in the past are less likely to enjoy the thought of having sex. Sex will only lead to pain, is the thought. Similarly, stress or lack of quality sleep can kill libido. Depression and anxiety are also contributors to loss of sexual desire in females. Our life events distract us and so do household management.

Conception and Fertifemale libidolity Affect Libido

The ovulation cycle of a woman has direct affect on her libido. On days that she is fully fertile, she is likely to have a higher sex drive. This is simply the nature’s way to help couples understand that it is the right time to conceive. Women suffering from low libido issues are likely to have hormonal imbalance too, which lowers fertility. This reduces conception chances.

Camouflage Your Acne Scars With Simple And Easy Solutions

Appearance of any type of scar on the body is always unpleasant. Whether you have acne scars or surgery marks on any part of the body, particularly those areas that remain exposed, such as face, you need to start taking corrective measure. It is not always possible to find the best scar removal solution; sometimes, it may take time to arrive at the best solution to remove scars forever. Till that time, you need to try some ways to camouflage the scars so that they don’t make you look ugly. Acne scars are not just a concern for your appearance but also for your self-confidence and self-esteem. These treatments need not be expensive but, these are effective.

best scar removalConceal your Scars with Vitamin C and Retinol

The best scar removal treatment is always natural. Depending on your scar and its age, you may need some products that contain glycolic acid, retinol and vitamin C. These are products that work very well for mild and depressed scars. All the active ingredients found in these products can actually stimulate skin to produce enough collagen that makes the skin plump and fills in those depressed scars. If you have raised scars, you can choose silicone bandage or simply take your scar down and flatten their appearance.

Bleaching Creams are Traditional Remedies

If you have dark or purple colored scars that doesn’t match your own skin tone, you can opt for skin lightening or bleaching creams. Skin lightening or beaching can remove dark pigmentation and discolored appearance. However, you would have to use the skin bleaching cream for some time in order to maintain your desired appearance, as dark pigmentation is likely to return once you stop using this cream. Bleaching creams are also used for cleaning clothing and hair. You may have to take protective measures when you go out in the sun, if you have started using a bleaching agent.

best scar removalNon-Bleaching Scar Removal Solutions

Not everyone is ready to opt for bleaching creams for scar removal. People who want to try other options can choose non-bleaching best scar removal treatment too. Especially people with allergic or sensitive skin, you would need a cream that does not contain any chemical or bleaching agent. There are several scar removal creams that contain natural ingredients and sun protection factor, unlike the regular bleaching creams. You can use such creams depending on the color and size of your scar. Normally, such creams have to be used over a period of 6 to 8 weeks for best results.


Before using any scar treatment product, talk to your dermatologist about the benefits and use of such creams. Also, get your skin tested to avoid risks.

Take A Holistic Approach To Treat Your Acne At Home acne is concerned, most people are usually ready to pay fortunes for an oil or cream that could clear their complexion. Unfortunately, even the best creams fail to do that efficiently. We have seen so many promising claims over the years and innumerable range of acne treatment products as well, but nothing has really lasted long. So, before you try every other skin treatment elixir available at a local store. You can also try various home remedies, which may be helpful in keeping your skin healthy and clear. Making a few subtle changes in your lifestyle habits can actually save your money, which you would otherwise spend on various skin care products. Before you start treatment with any over-the-counter medication, you must try the holistic approach for treating acne.

Be Gentle with Acne

It is often very tempting to scrub or scratch your skin with acne. However, doing so is only going to irritate your skin further and worsen the condition. It will make the acne, or infection causing bacteria, spread further. Cold or hot water can become abrasive for the skin. When you have to wash acne affected parts of the skin with water, use only warm water and apply a gentle cleanse with fingertips. Washing thoroughly but do not pick or pop at the blemishes. Allow your infected skin area to soothe and heal naturally. Find out more here,

Use Foods and Supplements to Pamper your Skin

Acne-prone skin requires plenty of nutrients and some amount of pampering. Whatever you let your body consume is going to be very important for what you look like. One of the most successful acne treatments today is zinc. Zinc can be used topically and orally. Vitamin A has also been a recommended holistic remedy for acne. Eat foods that contain vitamin A – carrots, for example. You can also take supplements containing vitamin A.

For spot treatment, apply some honey to your acne. Honey has antibacterial properties; it will kill the acne-causing bacteria and give you relief. You can rinse off your skin with some warm water thereafter. your Pillowcases and Sheets

Your skin comes in contact with pillowcases and sheets for long hours while you are asleep. Take regular showers and cleanse your face, at least, twice a day. Try to avoid hand contact with the face. However, if you sleep on the same pillowcase and sheets for several days, bacteria will have more room to thrive and give you more pimples subsequently. So, change them at least once or twice a week – preferably, pillowcases should be changed every alternate day.

Avoid Sun Damage

Protect your skin against sun damage, which aggravates acne. Wear sunscreen and use a hat. Cover up eyes with sunglasses. Sun protection is essential for holistic treatment.

Toenail Fungus In Infants: What Are The Causes of Nail Fungus In Infants?

toenail fungus treatmentUnfortunately, infants only learn through sense of touch. This means, they only realize touch and that is one sensation they accept and react to. In doing so, they may come in contact with fungus laden surface in and around them. Nail fungus is one of the easiest to contract, typically prevalent in the months of summer. This fungus thrives and proliferates on moist and warm surfaces. In addition, infants have soft nail beds, which may start separating at the slightest injury thus leaving them more vulnerable to the growth of fungal infections of the nail.

Causes of Toenail Fungus in Babies

There may be several causes of toenail, or nail, fungus in general that affects babies. Here’s what every mother should note:

  • Weakened immune system: After birth, babies are most vulnerable to the environment than anything else. Since they have spent 9 whole months in the comfort and warmth of their mother’s womb, they are susceptible to diseases, especially infections. Also, the immune system of infants isn’t fully developed. Although infants receive the required amount of antibodies from their mothers’ womb to combat germs, their weak body may not succeed in fighting off all types of fungal infections. Fungi living on the surface of showers or on clothes can infect the toenails or fingernails of infants.
  • Warm environmental conditions: Parents normally place their babies in places that are warm so that they are comfortable. Warm environment, though comforting, could also become the best place for fungi and bacteria to dwell. Infants normally enjoy the feeling of sucking on toes and finger, which provides moist environment for their nail fungus and makes them thrive. Nail fungus starts dwelling on our skin and makes the symptoms worst in warm environment. Both warmth and moisture are excellent breeding ground for any type of fungus. Although parents often work hard to keep their infants dry, they may simply overlook moisture – saliva, sweat, and frequent pee are some of the worst things. After bath, you should wipe your baby’s feet and hands properly to make sure that the fungus does not grow and proliferate on nails.

toenail fungus treatmentTreatment Options

Knowing the nature of nail fungus, you should try your best to avoid as much moisture and warmth as possible. In addition, you should take proper measures to keep your baby dry. If infection has already started and it is spreading rapidly, you should see a pediatrician and take the required dose of antifungal medication for your infant.

How Do Essential Oils Contribute To Breast Growth And Enlargement?

Breast size, as per expert reports and years of research, is purely determined by hereditary factors. Sometimes, body weight is also responsible for dictating the size of breasts in women. Women, over the years, have resorted to various promises and claims made by manufacturers of so called “breast enlargement products.”

What are breast enlargement products?

Any product, pill or supplement or oil or cream that can contribute to the growth of breasts is known as breast enlargement product. Whether the size of breast really increases or not, is not known. While some women believe that they have actually noticed changes, others fail to see any improvement despite months of use. So, it is very difficult to say whether these products actually work as they promise or not.

However, there are some natural products that can make the appearance of breasts firmer and fuller than they are, though that is not enlargement but, enhancement.

With age, sagging breasts become a nagging problem for women. After childbirth and nursing, the shape and size of breast is affected drastically. The dream They may:Having good means that you are making regular payments on time, on each of your accounts, until your balance is paid in full. of having fuller breasts, as a result, keeps coming back to the minds of women. This is when essential oils come to play.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oil is commonly known as aromatherapy oils, though they may be different. These oils are derived from natural sources, such as fruits, flowers and plants. Sometimes herbs are also used for preparing herbal essential oils. There are different types of essential oils, and each of these oils has significant health benefits. breast enlargement, there are some essential ways and massages that can be helpful.

Cypress Oil for Cold Water Breast Enlargement

Dilute cypress oil in some witch hazel solution and add this mixture to a container of cold water. Splash each of the breasts with this mixture 10 times. Research shows that this combination of essential oils and cold water causes tissue contraction, which makes your breasts appear more lifted and firmer.

Warm Oil Breast Massage

There are advocates of warm oil massage too. Blend fennel, lemongrass and clary sage essential oils with geranium, and take jojoba oil as the base, and warm it. Massage this mixture into both the breasts. Maintain circular motion for massage. This blend will make your breasts look fuller and much firmer than it was. If you wish to get best results, apply the oil after performing your regular breast-enhancing workouts like chest flyes, pushups and chest presses.

Cold Massage with Breast Oils

Massaging both the breasts with a regular ice cup while you are raking a warm bath can also give you good results. For this, you need to use spearmint, cypress and lemongrass essential oils blended with black pepper oil. Jojoba oil should be used as the base. This combination can be ice massaged; take a paper cup filled with water and freeze it. Massage the oil and then use the cold compress.